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Oobleck Suprise

It was a nice sunny day in Hawai'i, in the year of 2052, and I was sitting down on the porch watching my grandchildren play with each other in the front yard. When all of a sudden I see my 7 year old grandson walk up to me and say,"Papa can you tell me the story again? Please papa one more time." After a little playing around I told him the story.

Long ago, about 25 years ago when I was about 38 years old, I was called up by NASA when I was putting my time in at the army base in Alaska. They had called me and 4 other people up for this mission. The crew members were Roy, Kanani, Kalani, Kanoe, and last NASA assigned a chimp to us from the zoo. But for some reason they put me in charge. "Why you, grandpa?" asked my grandson, "your too old, to be a captain." Well truthfully I don't know, well anyway stop asking so much questions.

So any way let me continue, "Josh," called the instructor known as Houston,"you and your crew are going into space for several reasons." Well what are they I asked with an eager look to find out."1, to test out our new spacecraft the Ukulele 3000, a new designed spacecraft by NASA technologist. 2, go to the planet of Oobleck and bring back a sample. 3, look for any sign of life forms up there. 4, this is the most important one, stay alive." the instructor demanded.

It was now May 3, 2027, the day we were about to takeoff. The way that the spaceship would take off is by my Colonel Roy playing a certain piece on the ukulele. "Captain I will now engage the takeoff sequence." replied Roy. roy started to play my stomach felt like there were butterflies flying around inside, then at that moment the computer had said, "Access Granted, beginning countdown, taking off in 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, freeze. Was I about to fly far away just to do some lazy old experiment, am I willing to die for my country, well let's find out. 3, 2, 1, 0, and takeoff aniciated. Boom, whoop, swoosh we were off flying at an increasing speed of 200 m.p.h. but still increasing in height to 1,000 feet, we were bouncing all over the place even with our seat belts on. Now I can say that I know what it feels like to be a football.

Once we have gotten out of our atmosphere my technologist Kanoe had just recently talked to Houston saying,"Houston, we have just gotten out of the atmosphere so we are transferring from boosters to gliders," making it sort of like a airplane. Looking back at earth I realized how lucky I was to be on this piece of spacecraft, because it was just a magnificent view. We were now 2 hours away from landing on the oobleck. My Colonel wanted to take over because he thought I was doing a horrible job. Once I had told him no, he turned around acting like he was leaving but as soon as I turned around, boom, wham he just punched me from the back. I got up and I was furious, but I knew I had to control my anger so I stopped and let him go.

"Houston we have just reached the atmosphere of planet oobleck and we are standing by for orders." said my technologist Kanoe. Houston had replied but it was all scratchy. Right before I space craft started to let out water to liquify, make it thinner. But still as we went out to explore it still was letting water go. As me and Kalani were walking and getting samples for the scientist back at home.

When all of a sudden out of no where these green looking things were attacking us with this weird looking gun and shooting at us. Soon there was a whole army of them. Me and Kalani were running for our life as we were firing back at them. I yelled out on the walky talky, Roy, Kanoe, Kanani, and Fred meet me back at the ship we're getting the hell out of here. But only Roy and Kanoe answered I figured that Kanani and Fred was gone by now. So as we got back safely, they were swarming us so we decided to use our force field which could last a good 25 minutes against their fire power.

I yelled Roy you go and start the ship while we prepare for take off. "No!" he yelled with a demanding voice,"I ain't your little commanding dog." Well if you want to live you are. "Josh watch out!" yelled Kalani, when all of a sudden Roy tackles me from the back. We were rolling around on the ground hitting, punching, kicking, and picking each other up but then I grabbed Roy by the head picked him up and threw him against the wall head first, making him go into concussion.

I asked Kalani, how much more time do we have left. Kalani replied,"Just barely over 15 minutes." Kanoe can you reboot the computers with the amount of energy we have and change the password to anything Kalani can play. "Yes, but I might need more time." she said in a nervous voice. Just do it I yelled. The 15 minutes were up and she wasn't finish yet. Me and Kalani opened up the doors and started to shoot as much as possible to hold them off a little longer for Kanoe. "Josh I finished, you and Kalani can comeback inside now." yelled Kanoe. Kalani was behind me, I was in front the door was closing we made it in but Kalani unfortunately got shot I carried him to the code room and told him to play the password he started to play with the strength that was left. The computer said,"ACCESS GRANTED. Taking off in 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0." And we were off.



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