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Lost on Planet Oobleck

"Its been practically a week now, that we were stuck on the harsh planet. My crew and I are well protected by our ships titanium armor, and heavy artillery. We don't know if we can survive any longer. Our food and water supply is running out. This planet is similar to ours but its oceans are green and soft but hard at the same time. I got to get back to work now".

As the day went on, the mechanic Mervin Fletcher fixed the ship, but it sill had critical damage. "Captain Fitteli get over here! Something urgent" said Dr. Agnes Titicaca. "What is it Dr. ?"

"Well there seems to be life forms on this planet."

"Well of course we are on the planet"

"No! Other than us, there are other living beings, seeming to be intelligent"

"Put it on the monitor." said Captain Fitteli. Dr. Agnes Titicaca obeyed.

"Whoa! They are huge! They look ten feet tall!"

"Want to try and communicate sir?"

"Lets try"

"Greeting you all, we are from earth. We come in peace."

"Ya very original agnes.

"Sorry Morocco! They aren't talking back sir. They are just standing there motionless just standing like floating pieces of stone statues"

"If they attack you know what to do."

"Yes sir!.

The day was about to end, the life-forms still stood where they stood. The alien beings seemed to mass even more around the ship, as the hours passed an army was building. Mervin Fletcher continued his efforts to fix the ship. He is almost done, but the figures filled the sea as they stood on the oobleck. The crew got cautious.

"Mervin ya betta hurry up or we dead!"

"I'm moving as fast as I can, so shut yo trap before I put my foot in it!"

Suddenly it seemed the aliens beings were going to attack. As Mervin ran to the captain, he screamed, "I FIXED THE SHIP, I FINALLY FIXED THE SHIP!" The crew got ready to take off. Then the oobleck aliens attacked! The crew shot at them easily slicing through them. Terrifying as it was the oobleck beings did not fall. They kept on charging at them. Nothing seemed to kill these aliens.

"Just blast off already!

"Yes sir."

The engines roared as the rocket boosters spit out flames like a dragon who breathes fire. Amazingly, when the flame's heat waves hit the oobleck and oobleck beings, they turned into a solid form, and when they shot them the oobleck people did fall, but not die. The ship got away safely, but with some scratches.

They survived there encounter with the oobleck beings and trip to oobleck with perseverance, intelligence and most of all friendship.

The end


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