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Oobleck written explanation


My craft is able to land and lift off of oobleck. The way my spacecraft lands on oobleck is when it is in space it starts to slow down about ten feet off the oobleck, meaning it reduces speed so it can land affectively. Then it starts to hover over the oobleck with the rockets burning the oobleck around the ship making it a harder surface and easier to land on. Then the craft lands slowly on the hardened oobleck.

Taking off

Since fuel is a very valuable necessity we do not keep the rockets burning. Since we have to stay on oobleck for at least one hour, the oobleck starts to become more like it was in its normal state since the oobleck around it starts giving it moister. My solution for this problem would be to have a detachable board (is biodegradable because it is made of wood and can float on top of the oobleck). When the craft would lift slowly off the oobleck the board would be left behind. The way the craft lifts off the oobleck is the right and left rockets light, if needed the backup rockets can be used to lift up the craft faster.


The size of my spacecraft is about seventy-five meters long and about forty meters wide. The craft is so big because it was built so that the crew could live as if they were on their on world. They have their own forest, shopping centers, and even their own swimming area. They cooperate as though they were living on earth. They also collect information on the universe as they travel.


The fuel of my spacecraft is made of recyclables. Meaning that trashed food or unused food, plastics, newspapers, glass, etc is burnt down to a very potent fuel that is very effective when it comes to working the craft. The craft also works by unused energy, meaning the walls literally absorb the kinetic energy and energy that has already been used focuses it towards the equipment on the inside of the craft. It powers the computers and data collecting equipment. The fuel and other equipment are stored in the lower deck of the craft. The way the fuel is stored are huge titanium tanks that keep the proper amount of pressure compressed inside. To be safe before the craft took of from space the crew had two out of ten tanks of fuel full.

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