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The Land of the Oobleck

"Three, two, one, BLAST OFF!" yelled the N.A.S.A. team as the U.S. Secret Boy 194 took off on its way to the moon. The crew consists of George, the Captain, Bryan, and Jesse who are just some other workers on the crew. There is also a suprise person on the crew today named Henry.

"Sit down Henry!" yelled sassy Jesse, " You are just a clumsy, old rich guy, who pays to go to the stupid moon.

"Shut up Jesse! Henry is a special man who worked real hard to get up here. Now that he is finally her, you have to come along and ruin it for him." Explained mr. know it all George.

"Hey dudies. Is it dinner yet, yo?" stupidly asked Bryan. Bryan is the dumb one of this crew.

"Are you mentally retarded or something?" said Jesse. "it is not even lunch yet dumbo!"

"Now, now you two, lets all just get along and show Henry what a nice crew we are." said George.

"Yeah right." whispered Jesse in a way George could not here him.

"Hambulala!" Bryan said, "He called you a yeah right!"

"Bryan, can you get any dumber? You donÿt call some one a yeah right. It is just a sarcstic saying dumb dumd!" yelled Jesse.

"AAAAAGGHHHH!" screamed Henry. You could here his scream from Earth. Next thing you know, Henry stabbed himself all because of the fighting going on.

"Throw that sucker out the window!" yelled Jesse.

"Shoots!" replied Bryan.

"I never knew I would say this but..." said George, " lets kick him outta that door!"

They pushed and shoved big old Henry out to float in space.

"That outta do it!" yelled Jesse.

"Is it dinner yet?" asked Bryan.

"For the last time!" yelled Jesse, "It is not even lunch you knuckle head."

"Well can I eat Henry?" Bryan stupidly asked.

"Sure!" Jesse sarcasticly said, "We will just leave you behind.

"Okay guys. Just shut up because we are almost to the moon." explained George. "WAIT A MINUTE! THE MOON JUST VANISHED!"

"Huh?" the three of them said.

BAAAAMMMMMM! They all flew to the front of the ship.

"We're getting sucked into that thingamobobbers!" yelled Bryan.

"It's a black hole, idiot!" yelled Jesse back to him.

There ship went crazy, and all of a sudden, POOF! They were heading right for a mysterious planet.

GOOOF! They landed on a mysterious planet in some weird green goo.

"Lets check this out." said George. They wernt out to see what they were on.

"We shall call this plantet Oobleck!" yelled George.

"I'm down wit dat!" yelled Bryan.

"Same here."

"For now, we have to fix out ship." George happily said. They fixed the ship all day and night. It took long until they finally finished.

"Lets turn on the freezers to see what will happen." said George. The oobleck turned hard and so they put the United States flag in the oobleck.

"How about we go and search for any new discoveryies." said Jesse. As thay were searching, they found land to stay on.

"Land!" cried Bryan, "Land, sweet land"

"This time, I get to name this land." said Jesse, "I call it Nazaraki after my stree name in Israel when I was only six years old.

"Nazaraki it is!" yelled George in a happy, yet cozy way.

"Oh my bijeezers!" yelled Bryan, "It's aliens!"

"Get in the ship!" yeled George.

"I'll call the U.S. military," said Jesse, "The phone is ringing!"

"U.S. military!" said the operator back on Earth.

"Hi. This is Jesse. Do you remember the ship that took of called the U.S. Secret Boy 194?" said Jesse.

"Yes. Yes I do." said the operator, "Well it is on planet Oobleck and not on the moon."


"You see, we got sucked into a black hole and got stuck here." explained Jesse, "By the way, there are aliens here."

"Oh really?" asked the operator. "I can sue you for pranking us!"

"But... It is the truth!" yelled Jesse.

"Alright, alright." said the operator, "I'll see what I can do." She hung up.

"VEEER! VEEER!" was what the three of them heard.

"The U.S. military is here!" screamed George. The jets dropped their tanks and set up all of the weapons.

"But how did you guys get here?" asked Jesse.

The military said, "It's a long story. A loooong story."

"Where are those aliens you reported?" asked the General.

"Right over there." said George.

"ALRIGHT MEN!" screamed the General, "WE ARE GOING TO WAR, SO GET READY!"

"Cool. War." said Bryan.

"LETS GO!" screamed the General.

"LEFT, LEFT, LEFT, RIGHT, LIGHT. screamed the commander as he was sending the whole U.S. military to go and march to the aliens on Nazaraki.

"BOOM! BAAM!" as the first sounds of the war went on.

A month went by until the was ended and the U.S. military was cheering for joy.

"We won! yelled the General, "No one even died except for the aliens."

"General!" called George, "Why did we go to war anyway?"

"Because they burnt our flag and


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