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Evaluation of a student is done through a portfolio assessment. They provide insight into how a student has grown creatively and which media and techniques have been explored in school. Portfolios will also include many other items that yield pieces of information concerning student development and learning. In addition to finished works of art, Kamehameha students' portfolios may include:

1. Sketches, studies, and preliminary works.

2. Samples (a collection of images that have influenced the student artist).

3. Reproductions of works by the student's favorite artists.

4. Written notes and thoughts concerning the creative process.

5. Comments about the problem solving that accompanies going from preliminary ideas to the finished product.

Other techniques used for assessment are:

1. Teacher-made check sheets and rubrics which allows students to verify whether they have met all the criteria included in a visual problem solving assignment. This also helps to reinforce the visual concepts the teacher intended the students to learn.

2. Anecdotal Records such as student journals and sketchbooks are collected periodically to highlight student attitudes, preferences, judgements, participation, and behavior. The teacher often makes brief comments about the works or student statements.

3. Informal or Process Evaluations are conducted in which students are asked to make oral or written statements about their work, fill out a reflection sheet structured to encourage them to bring their artistic decision making to a conscious level or provide responses to who, what, when, where, and why questions posed by the teacher as part of a classroom discussion.

4. Formal Critiques of student work is done on an individual basis or in small groups usually as a culminating activity.

As a result of these assessment techniques, an accurate evaluation of student progress, performance, attitude, and behavior can be completed.



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