The Civil War

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Fort Sumter
South Carolina - April 12-14, 1861

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The Deathless Battle

On April 12, 1861 the beginning of the Civil War started with this unknown battle of Fort Sumter. Fort Sumter is located in Charleston Harbor, in South Carolina. Commanders in charge are General. Anderson, leading the Union states and General. Beauregard, leading the Confederate states. This battle only lasted 2 days, from April 12-14 in 1861. The Fort was huge with 50 foot high walls that were eight feet thick, 3 ten inch cannons and about 60 eight inch cannons surrounded inside the Fort being their defense weapon. When the war was over only six eight inch cannons were left. There are lots of facts in this webpage that you will be scanning through very quickly. Well, enjoy your scanning and hope you find this webpage intresting.

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