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Virginia - December 13, 1862

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FredericksburgBattle of Fredericksburg

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Who were the key figures (generals) of the battle from both sides?

North: General Ambrose E. Burnside : Union


( Image of General Ambrose E. Burnside )

Description: He was a well-trained soldier who's boastful training in the army lead him to become a successful commander which in a big way changed the civil war.


South: General Robert E. Lee: Confederate


( Image of Robert E. Lee )

Description: He was a brilliant strategist and a man of undying courage who, in the face of nearly impossible odds, changed the course of history.


What Happened? Brief Description.

Battle painting

( Image at time of battle )

The battle of Fredericksburg was sort of an unusual battle all because there were certain advantages and disadvantages for both sides. Well Burnside had 2 advantages. Well one was position, which was in a house setting that was at a high elevation. The other was that he had thousands more than lee's little weak right flank. But lee had 2 advantages also. The first was that he was on the ground level in a little sunkenen road. The second was that lee's little right flank was covered by a bridge so it made Burnside have a disadvantage on having a chance to shoot lee's troops. This war was unfair on Burnside's part but if the bridge was not there Lee would have been defeated!


When did the battle take place?

The battle of Fredericksburg, Virginia happened ( fought ) on December 13 1862


Where did the battle take place?

The Battle took place at Fredericksburg, Virginia!!


Why did the battle occur?

It was because General George McCellan was ordered to attack General Robert E Lee's weak right flank but because of his sluggish listening and disobeying President Abraham Lincoln ordered General Ambrose E. Burnside to take his big opportunity. When General Ambrose E. Burnside was in position he ordered an attack on Fredericksburg, Virginia.


How did it end? Who won?

Battle painting

( Image of a battle ending )

Well it states on that on December 13, Burnside ordered his beaten army back across the Rappahannock. His army had lost 13,000 soldiers since he had started the war. In the civil war generals book it states that Burnside was swiftly relieved of his command due to his loss in this battle. The book also stated that their casualties had been considerably lighter than the Union's, totaling only 5,000. Lee's substantial victory at Fredericksburg, won with ease, and that increased the buoyant confidence of the Army of Northern Virginia. All of these events led up to the invasion of the North the following summer.


Important Events at time of Battle:

World flags

Asia: Cochin, China (southern Vietnam) becomes a French colony! ( 1862 )

Europe: Kingdom of Italy is founded. Romania is formed! ( 1861 )

South America: Paraguayan War. ( 1861-1870 )

Australia: Britain annexes Fiji.( 1862 )






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