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(Stone River)
Tennessee - December 31 1862 - January 2, 1863

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The Bloody Winter Days along Stones River

The Battle of Murfreesboro or Stones River (as some people call it), took place in Tennessee. Like several major

actions of the Civil War, this battle displayed the deceitfulness of both commanding generals. They both had the

same view of their battle plan. Both General Braxton Bragg (Confederate) and Major General William S.

Rosecrans (Union) planned a major movement against their opponents.


By the end of the first day's fight, the Union army had been brutally attacked and Bragg made an announcement that

he held the field with a victory. But there was still some fight left in those bluecoats, and Bragg himself had suffered

extreme casualties.


On the second day of fighting it ended at dusk, with tired Confederate soldiers falling back from the Federal line,

unable to attack any more. Both sides had taken a beating, neither were willing to quit the field while the other



There was downpour of sleet and freezing rain on the last day of battle. Massed artillery on each side opened up with

dreadful attack and extremely wounded many. And for all of that, neither side truly gained a certain advantage, but

the result(s) came to be Union's victory.

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