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Assault on Vicksburg
Mississippi - May 22, 1863

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Assault on Vicksburg
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Environmental Conditions

During the Assault on Vicksburg the weather in the beginning of this battle, which was March to April, was around the temperatures of 57 degrees in March and 65 degrees in April. In the month of May the it was 72 degree, June being 79 degrees, and July being 82 degrees. This battles weather conditions are no different from the weather conditions on the average of the present day.

The sunny weather during the assault on Vicksburg, made it fairly easy for the soldiers to move around. They had a much easier time to go through the river and back up north to the town of Vicksburg. If the weather had been like the first attack, which was a severe winter, it would have been a lot harder to cross the river then go back up the river and to Vicksburg.



1841 6 lb. Smoothbore James Rifle

cannon cannon cannon shell


The James Rifle was used in ther Civil War because it is just like a regular rifle and it shoots more accurate. You would load this rifle the same way that you would another rifle. There are not very many of these left. They are not made or used in now day wars. You could still find them on some older battle fields.


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