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Virginia - May 7-8, 1864

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Battle of the Bloody Angle
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Spotsylvania, although it may sound like an imaginary place in the middle of nowhere, it was one of the location of one of the Civil War's most bloodiest and fiercest wars. Spotsylvania may not exist today but in retrospect, Spotsylvania is located 60 miles SW of Washington D.C. The massacre took place during the duration of May 8-May 21 1864. The two forces involved were the Confederacy's Lee and the Union's Grant and Meade.

Grant's original plan was to race from Northern Virginia, somewhere around the Wilderness battle, and reach Richmond, Virginia before the Southern defences. But Grant's plans were desecrated when Lee, and his army, reached Spotsylvania before the Union.

The 13 day grueling battle involved 63,000 Confederates, and 118,000 Federals, Union soldiers. The Federals outnumbered the Confederates almost two to one but still lost. Grant ended up retreating toward Fredricksburg, Virginia.


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