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Tennessee - November 30, 1864

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Civil War Battle of Franklin
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Imagine yourself squatting in the moistened dirt of a field the size of two football fields. You await a command from the general to attack on the enemy. You haven't any idea why you're fighting, but really just because you want freedom and justice. You along with many other men are fighting side by side after many weeks or many months of traveling to find the perfect battlefield and the perfect attack. You're leaving many family members at home, mostly women, to fight in a war that was known as a bloody day. The battle of Franklin was a fight that wasn't clearly stated, but it may have been over something that happened at Spring Hills. As you further exlplor the pages of the Battle of Franklin you will learn more about the struggles throughout the war and what really went down November 30, 1864, when the battle fields got drenched with blood.

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