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The Orange Team Civil War Project was a two-week interdisciplinary team project that incorporated Social Studies, English, Science, Math, and Choral Music to research Civil War battles. All the students of the Orange Team were divided into groups of 3 (or 4) who were randomly selected. Each group then randomly selected a Civil War battle to research. Once each group had selected their battle, they each had to choose a job:

  • Historian: Researched and gave descriptions of battle, its importance to the War, and key figures from both sides. They also identified 4 important world events during the time of their battle.
  • Scientist: Researched the following information: either a weapon or medical treatment (each group randomly picked a different one to research), environmental conditions, and location, terrain, and topography of their battlefield.
  • Statistician: Researched and presented statistical information on casualties, ammunition, and food rations from both sides and organized the data on a spreadsheet and on a double-bar graph. They also needed to compare casualties and total cost of the Civil War to other wars and organized data on a spreadsheet and on a single-bar graph. In addition, they had to make a scale-drawing of their battlefield.

Along with researching for their particular job, each student wrote a 5-day journal that was written from the point of view of their job during the time of their battle. Each group also composed the words to a song that summarized their battle to the tune of a patriotic American song (up to the Civil War).

Finally, as the culminating event, the Orange Team re-enacted one of the Civil War battles at Ho'omaluhia State Park. The first half of the day was dedicated to rotations through various stations (Coffee, Horseshoes, Marching, Ammunition - water balloons, Croquet, and Coosh). This helped to give the students a feeling of being soldiers during the Civil War. After lunch, the battle began, using water balloons to re-enact Pickett's Charge from the Battle of Gettysburg.

The following 35 Civil War battles were carefully selected by the faculty, making sure enough information was available for each student.

. .

1 Fort Sumter 19 Champion's Hill
2 1st Bull Run 20 Vicksburg
3 Wilson's Creek 21 Gettysburg
4 Fort Henry 22 Chickamauga
5 Fort Donelson 23 Chattanooga
6 Pea Ridge 24 The Wilderness
7 Hampton Roads 25 Spotsylvania
8 Shiloh 26 Cold Harbor
9 Fair Oaks 27 Petersburg
10 7 Days Battle 28 The Kearsasge vs. The Alabama
11 2nd Bull Run 29 Kenesaw Mountain
12 South Mountain 30 Atlanta
13 Antietam 31 Mobile Bay
14 Corinth 32 Cedar Creek
15 Perryville 33 Franklin
16 Fredericksburg 34 Fort McAllister
17 Murfreesboro 35 Nashville
18 Chancellorville

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