Hawaiian Name
Alahe'e, ‘Öhe'e, Walahe'e

Common Name

Scientific Name
Canthium odoratum




Whole Plant



Location On Campus

  The Alahe‘e is located in a garden next to Kalama Dining Hall.

Natural Habitat

The Alahe‘e is found on the major Hawaiian Islands of Hawai‘i (except Ni‘ihau and Kaho‘olawe). It is also found on the islands of Micronesia, Fiji and Southern Polynesia. Alahe‘e grows in lowland areas, and in moist forests. It may often be seen on lava flows.

Cultural Information

 The Alahe‘e is indigenous to Hawai‘i. The Alahe‘e's stem was used as digging sticks (O‘o), fishhooks and spears.

Plant Description


  •  Can be thick and long


  • Small tree
  • Woody stem
  • Gray trunk 


  • Dark Green on top
  • Dull Green on bottom
  • Good texture
  • 5 cm long


  •  White in color
  • Five petals
  • Smells good
  • 3 cm in diameter


  • Edible
  • Black when ripe
  • Green when not
  • Sweet tasting
  • 3 cm big


  •  2 seeds inside fruit


  • Easily propagated by seeds

Web Site Links

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