Common Name
Rasp Fern

Hawaiian Name

Scientific Name
Sadleria cyatheoides



Whole Plant



Sprouts of a leaf

Curly Leaf

Location On Campus

 The ‘äma‘u fern is located in the Kalama Garden.

Natural Habitat

'Äma'u is a plant which grows in wet forests and in open or shady areas.

Cultural Information

The 'äma'u fern is endemic to Hawai‘i. The fronds of the 'äma'u are used for thatching the roofs of houses. It was believed that when the 'äma'u fern grows straight up, a flood is coming soon. 'Äma'u is also used for lei making, medicine, and for food. This fern has been utilized to prolong the usefulness of used tapa.

Plant Description


  • Thick and sticky
  • Grow underground


  • Grow straight up
  • 2 to 3 cm wide
  • Dark brown and rough


  • Shaped like palm trees
  • New leaves are red and become green when they mature
  • Very sticky


  • Found on the bottom of the fronds
  • Found in clusters


  •  Likes moisture, shade, fertilizer, no hard wind, and soil
  • Dislikes wind, sun, sour dirt, cold weather, bugs, and diseases

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