Common Name

Hawaiian Name

Scientific Name
Cocos nucifera



Whole Plant



Location On Campus

The Coconut tree can be found by Keawe gym.

Natural Habitat

Coconut trees are usually found in coastal areas near beaches. They grow at a minimum of 27-30oC and in a humid climate.

Cultural Information

Trunk, husk, and shells, leaves and fronds were made into food containers, hula drums, fans, children's toys, rods, and other tools. Rope was made out of coconut husk fibers. This plant is Polynesian introduced.

Plant Description


  • Main root is usually 1 cm thick
  • White cream color when young, as it grows, becomes reddish-brown, then dark brown
  • Whitish lumps on main roots
  • Lateral roots branch out
  • Short rootlets grow out from lateral roots


  • Curved trunk
  • Swollen base which is ringed, strong, and elastic


  • 3-5 m long
  • Simple leaf


  • Nectar producing
  • Blooms at any time of year


  • 25-30 cm long
  • 3 sides
  • Immature fruit is green, mature fruit is brown
  • Thick fibrous husk encasing the hard shell
  • 40 or more coconuts are produced per year
  • Coconut meat inside is edible
  • You can drink the coconut water inside of the shell


  • Cannot self pollinate
  • Pollination by wind

Life Cycle/

  • Grows and bears fruit at 7 years of age
  • Lives up to 100 years of age


  • Plant the whole coconut fruit, top side up
  • Partially cover keep moist
  • Germination occurs in 4-5 months

Web Site Links

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