Hawaiian Name

Common Name

Scientific Name
Sesbania tomentosa



Whole Plant





Location On Campus

The location of the ‘ohai shrub is between Keawe gym and the dorms.

Natural Habitat

The ‘ohai shrub is found on all major Hawaiian islands. It usually grows in coastal areas.

Cultural Information

The ‘ohai shrub is endemic to the Hawaiian islands. The ‘ohai shrub is also endangered. This plant is used in many landscapes and is often found in leis.

Plant Description


  •  Woody stem
  • Brown to gray in color
  • About 50 cm in height


  •  Appear white or silver because of the hairs


  •  Red orange in color


  •  Brown colored pods


  • Brown colored seeds


  • Bees observed in flowers

Propagation/ Cultivation:

  • Can be grown from cuttings
  • Be grown from manually moving seeds

Other Interesting Facts:

  • It is apart of the pea family 
  • Can be found as a shrub or a tree

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