Common Name
Pink Tecoma, Trumpet tree, White cedar

Hawaiian Name

Scientific Name
Tabebuia sp.



Whole Plant





Location On Campus

This plant is located on the side of the ramp in front of Ka'oleioku.

Natural Habitat

This plant is usually found in tropical areas and places that are sunny. This plant can be grown in moist/wet areas.

Cultural Information

This plant was introduced to Hawai‘i but was originally from North America and Japan.

Tabebuia is currently used in curbside paintings, garden decorations, and highway medians. Its flowers are used in bouquets and decorations. Its stems tough wood is used and favored for boat making. Tabebuia's light gray brown wood is also used for house finishing.

Plant Description


  • Well developed root system
  • Fibrous


  • Grows from 6 to 12 meters tall
  • Woody stem
  • Thick, tough wood


  • Palmate venation
  • Compound leaves
  • Leathery
  • Blunt tip
  • Green in color
  • Leaflets about 7-12 cm long
  • Entire leaf is 15-40 cm long


  • Can be pink,white, yellow, cream, gray, lilac, purple, and snowy colored
  • Trumpet shaped
  • Campus plant color: Pink


  • Narrow
  • Cylindrical
  • 7-16 cm long
  • Opening along 32 seams to release numerous seeds


  • Winged
  • About 2 cm in length
  • Long
  • Slender

Life Cycle/

  • Flowers born in Spring
  • Fruits born in May and June
  • Fruits fall and release seeds from July to September


  • Wind borne seeds
  • Winged seeds
  • Growth rate slow to medium

Other interesting facts:

  • Petiole may grow from 3-12 cm long
  • Deciduous tree
  • Moderate salt tolerance
  • Pests that affect it are Leaf spot, dieback, spider mines
  • High drought tolerance
  • Moderate aerosol tolerance

Web Site Links

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This site has a detailed description of the Tabebuia with additional leaf, propagation, fruit, and seed information.


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