Common Name
Kolokolo Kahakai

Hawaiian Name

Scientific Name
Vitex rotundifolia






Location On Campus

This plant is located in the front of Keawe and in the garden next to Kalama on the KMS Kapälama campus.

Natural Habitat

On O‘ahu there are many locations: Bishop Museum,Waikiki Aquarium, Ka papa lö'i 'o Känewai, the shoreline between Makapu'u and Waimanalo, Waimea Arboretum and Botanical Garden, and the shoreline between Mokule'ia and Kä'ena point.

On Kaua‘i it is at the National Tropical Botanical Garden at Läwa‘i.

On the Big Island it is located at the Sadie Seymore Botanical Garden.

Cultural Information

Most of the time you can find this plant by the ocean or on the coast of the Hawaiian islands. The Pöhinahina is indigenous to Hawai‘i. It is found on every island except for Kaho‘olawe. The plant was used for medicine.

Plant Description


  •  Long
  • Green in color
  • Grows along the ground
  • Woody stem
  • About 2.5 cm long


  • Silvery green
  • Round
  • Heart shaped
  • Shiny
  • Compound leaf
  • Pinnate venation
  • Entire margin
  • About 3.0 cm wide


  •  Bluish-purple in color
  • Grows in clusters
  • About 2.5 cm wide
  • Grows at tips of branches


  •  Reddish-black in color
  • Small
  • Round shape


  • Located in the middle of the fruit
  • Only 4 seeds in a fruit


  • By seeds or cuttings

Web Site Links

Pöhinahina Beach Vitex

On this site you will see a picture of the flower and some information about the plant. You can also read about the location and places you can find the plant.


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