Princess Pauahi

This is a picture of Princess Pauahi

On December 19, 1831, a Princess was born to High Chief Abner Pāki and Laura Konia. This Princess was Princess Bernice Pauahi Pāki. She was also the great-granddaughter of Kamehameha I. At the age of 18, Pauahi married Charles Reed Bishop her husband of 34 years until she passed away on October 16, 1884. Pauahi was given many land from her cousin Ruth Ke‘elikolani. In this time the native population decreased from 124,000 to 44,000 due to the diseases brought by foreigners. She felt a lack of education with the Hawaiian children and in her will stated to have a school for Hawaiian children to have a better education. With the help of her husband this school was made in 1887 and is called the Kamehameha Schools.

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Pauahi was the richest owner of land in the state of hawai`i in 1850.


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