Mauna Lahilahi

Pronounciation for Mauna Lahilahi


Mauna Lahilahi translates into thin hill or frail mountain. Mauna means mounain or hill, and Lahilahi means thin. Lahilahi also translates into black rock which is probably because it was once from a volcano. It rises from a sandy beach between Wai‘anae and Mākaha. Mauna Lahilahi serves as a boundary for Mākaha. Mauna Lahilahi is the reminence of a volcano wall that created the leeward side of the O‘ahu. The ocean-side of Mauna Lahilahi had gotten eroded off into the ocean. There is also a beach park near Mauna Lahilahi is also a famous surf spot and landmark.
Mauna Lahilahi is located in Makaha on the Wai’anae coast. Mauna Lahilahi was originally part of a large crater and oceanic wall but at one point the rest of the wall and crater broke off and sunk into the depths of the open water. This is the only original piece of fragment that remains of the wall. It is on the eastern side of where the annual surfing competitions at Makaha beach are held and surrounds the Makaha condo buildings and the beach park at ocean view luxury houses.


Revelations 7:17


Off towards the left, in the distance you can see Mauna Lahilahi next to the Makaha Marina and beach houses. It resembles a black rock which is the translation of Mauna Lahilahi. The only fragment of what was once a volcanic oceanic wall.

Photo by: Kauila team



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