Ke Ahi a Kahoe

From "Ke Ahi a Kahoe" in Legends of Hawaii by Padriac Colum.

Retold here by Connor
T. H.


What happens to three siblings who get expelled from their own home? So listen to this preview about a heart throbbing Hawaiian legend about Ke ahi a Kahoe.

The sibling’s names were Kahoe, Pahu and Lo’e. Kahoe the oldest brother who is the greatest fisherman in Hawaii who never disappointed his siblings with great gigantic fish, Pahu a farmer/fisherman who is great at bringing home food when they need it, and Lo’e the youngest, smartest, most understanding and the only girl in the family of siblings. Everything seems like its going good right? Wrong. When everything seems to be going good a sibling turns their back against the family of siblings by not telling the truth to the family. That sibling not only turns his back on his only family but he lies to them about the food he/she brings in. When matters could not get much worse it does. There is a famine or a lack of food in the Hawaiian Islands, which means that no one has that much food and no one wants to share with any one. But another one of the siblings finds a way to conceal the smoke so that no one can be able to come and ask them for food to eat. But the brother that betrayed his family by being selfish and not sharing food with his family ends up with nothing.

The younger sister Lo’e in all of this was the one who cracked down on her brothers by telling them that they both were wrong. One for not sharing food and the other for not being truthful to her and her brother. Many exiting things happen in this story like the intensity between the two brothers Kahoe and Pahu. So come and enjoy your life to the fullest by listening to my awesome legend and thinking how much you have in life. No matter how hard it gets in your life just know that when life gets hard live it to the fullest that you possibly can. So again come and listen to my wonderful re telling of the Hawaiian legend Ke ahi a Kahoe.