Pele and Kamapua‘a
From "Pele and Kamapua‘a" in Legends of Vocanoes by W. D. Westervell.

Retold here by Pakela


Have you ever heard of the hog god of O‘ahu and the fire goddess of Hawai‘i who had fought a great battle of the elements? How two enemies became lovers and enemies again because the hog god acts different?

It starts out when the young Kamapua‘a (hog god) journeys from O‘ahu to Hawaii and finds the fire goddess and her family in Pele’s pit. One of the fire goddesses sisters finds him first and tells the others. Then Pele starts to taunt him because he is a pig.

Later in the story Pele and Kamapua‘a become husband and wife, but Pele’s bad temper went overload because Kamapua‘a has so many characteristics of a hog. This led to a huge battle between demigod and demigoddess.
Pele used all her resources to attack kamapua‘a, but he chanted for water and forced her back to her home. Once there he started to chant for more water and began to flood out the home of Pele. He thought that she had run out of tricks and resources, but she then summoned the power of the gods of the underworld. She fought back with a huge amount of lava and smoke but the hog god stayed calm and tried to fight back.

This story tells how a mischievous god and a fiery goddess fight a big battle because Kamapua‘a is too much like a hog for Pele to tolerate, but in the end there is sorrow for the loss that takes place. Kamapua‘a gets married again but there is someone else out there that still wants him.